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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

July 2015

Dear Parents and Students of Elite Academy,

Welcome to Elite Academy at Confluence Preparatory Academy! Your family is part of a new middle school program for 7th and 8th graders. Elite Academy welcomes students who previously attended Confluence Academy-Walnut Park, which is now known as Aspire Academy.

As the principal of Elite Academy, it is my job to ensure that your child continues to receive a quality education to prepare for high school, college and beyond. Elite Academy will provide your student with a smaller classroom setting with a rigorous curriculum that is technology based.

My experience in education started as an elementary school teacher, followed by teaching middle school and becoming an assistant principal. I have four years of experience as an elementary school principal. I became an assistant principal at CPA in August 2012.

It’s been nice to meet and talk to so many families who have chosen Elite Academy. It’s important that we work together to support your child and your goals for his/her education. As you’ve heard me say before, to build a strong foundation, we encourage and invite parents to give us feedback in all aspects of your child’s education.

On behalf of the teachers and staff of Elite Academy, thank you for choosing our program for your child. We know you have high expectations for your child’s education, and so do we. Working together, we can create a positive, quality experience for your child.


Dr. Ronald T. Ferrell